Friday, January 23, 2015

recommended: Obvious Child—and our cat has a drinking problem

Obvious Child is a great little romantic comedy with the sort of sensibilities that will offend some people, but charmed us. We laughed a lot, and we were impressed with the ending. It's hard to say what's best about it without giving away the ending, and I do not recommend googling it, because the ending will be given away. As usual, I pretty much agree with the Tomatometer's critic score, which in this case is a 90%.

If you see this on our recommendation and are offended, well, I'm sorry. Adult life has never been as simple as some people like to think it was.

As for our cat, just as we started the movie, I noticed something moving at the edge of my vision and glanced down. The cat had snagged a slice of my pizza and was pulling it onto the floor. As I reached for the pizza—in the hope that the five second rule would apply—my glass of beer was knocked over by the cat or by me, drenching the rug. I suspect I'll be washing it out, but if anyone asks about the smell of stale beer in the living room, Toby has a drinking problem.

The pizza slice was unsullied, and there was another beer in the fridge, so our feline master did not even have to fear the possibility of his serfs rebelling.

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