Saturday, January 17, 2015

Recommended: Trash Told Tales: An Anthology of White Trash Literature

This book is about half great and all interesting. It's not all successful, but in its way, that's a white trash thing—poor folk in general are quick to learn that "good enough" is sometimes better than perfect because you rarely have the time or money for perfect, and you're damn lucky if you have the time or money for good enough. So if I say this book is good enough to give four stars on Amazon, that's not an insult.

The editors described it well when they said,

This anthology is a collection of works that really speaks to the heart of the white trash aesthetic.  It features Southerners and those who have historically lived in conditions of institutional poverty as natural storytellers. In other words, it is about trashy people doing trashy things. 

The anthology is edited by prolific scholars on white trash culture/history and self-proclaimed white trash English professors.  The pieces range from radical and raunchy explorations to poignant accounts of being white trash.

For me, the prose pieces worked better than the poetry, but that says more about my taste. It's an anthology, so no one's going to like all the contents equally, but all of the pieces have their moments. If I was to write a story with a white trash setting, I'd reread the whole thing. The editor's contributions are as strong as their intentions; I hope they do more.

It's at Amazon for only $2.99: Trash Told Tales: An Anthology of White Trash Literature - Kindle edition by William Matthew McCarter, Vicki Sapp. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

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