Saturday, January 17, 2015

She's not racist—some of her best friends are white!

Whiteness is the theme of the day, with the emphasis on trash. At Facebook, a friend shared Ijeoma Oluo's When you suddenly find out you're white (with images, tweets) · IjeomaOluo · Storify and in the comments, someone else added @IjeomaOluo Has POC Chats With White People (with tweets) · Iamwhaleman · Storify.

My first comment there:
It is funny how "white" = "upper-middle-class" to people like her. For me, it'd be about getting a trucker hat and a job at Wal-mart.
Someone else said, "I couldn't see what she was responding to but, she sounds racist herself." So I added this:
I don't think she's exactly racist, though she's oblivious to the existence of the white working class. I think she's unintentionally doing what a lot of people from expensive schools do: she's using "white" as code for "bourgeois" without realizing she's totally bourgie herself.
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