Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Links: one on Feminist Frequency, one on fandom's furious identitarians

Astrogator's Logs » Blog Archive » How Many Swallows Bring Real Spring? by Athena Andreadis:
RH/BS and her acolytes have set back true progressives in SFF by at least a decade and have turned “social justice” into a term of derision even among supporters of change and an apotropaic invocation for those agog to have SFF revert to the circa-fifties Leaden Era. However, of greater concern are those who are so eager to exhibit ideological purity or (belated) art-for-art’s-sake “objectivity” that they’re effectively contributing to the relentless onslaught on real diversity in SFF. Their actions have helped turn the SFF ecosphere into rigid, brittle monocultures clustered at extreme end-nodes of the political/identitarian spectrum.
Now, I personally think the true progressives were set back during scifi's Racefail '09, but I quibble. Also, I'm pleased to see another person using "identitarian", a word I picked up from Adolph Reed Jr.

Why Feminist Frequency almost made me quit writing about video games: Part 1 | Metaleater by Liana Kerzner:
...if you take one thing away from this five-part piece, please let it be this: feminism, especially feminism in video games, is a diverse subject with varied opinions and a lot of disagreement. When any single voice becomes too powerful, it stifles other voices that have just as much to offer. Feminist Frequency is very good at promoting itself. It has not been good, so far, at promoting other women -- real and fictional -- in the video game industry

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