Thursday, May 7, 2015

A link round-up for people who still think Charlie Hebdo is a racist magazine

What, more about this? Well, there are still people wrong on the internet....

And as a socialist, I find it especially sad when socialists are wrong. So, if you want to sound like you're not an Anglocentric jingoist on cartooning and racism, these are helpful:

America’s Literary Elite Takes a Bold Stand Against Dead Journalists - The Daily Beast

Understanding the socio-political context of Charlie Hebdo cartoons

In Paris, PEN Boycott Makes Americans Look Like Crude Provincials – Tablet Magazine

Neil Gaiman stands up for Charlie Hebdo: “For f**k’s sake, they drew somebody and they shot them, and you don’t get to do that” -

Garland and Garry Trudeau: Investigating the Myths Surrounding Charlie Hebdo - The Atlantic

No Charlie Hebdo Did Not Publish That Mediterranean Drowning Cartoon | Homo economicus' Weblog

Je suis Bezbozhnik | The Charnel-House

My earlier posts inspired by Charlie Hebdo:

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The curious contradictions of censorial socialists, and a few comments about Charlie Hebdo

 On the idea that Charlie Hebdo "punched down" — Answering Saladin Ahmed

On neoliberalism, "hate speech" suppression, Charlie Hebdo, Garry Trudeau

ETA: Non, « Charlie Hebdo » n’est pas obsédé par l’islam

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