Friday, May 22, 2015

Links to cartoons by Toby Morris, whose observations about New Zealand apply to my country and probably yours

I clicked a link to The Pencilsword: On a plate with a little trepidation because it was described as a cartoon about privilege. I was pleased to find it's about economic privilege, not social privilege. (Yes, they're often related, but some rich people lose their wealth and kill themselves because they know they'll lose their social privilege too, and the New Rich always gain the social privileges of wealth, even if jealous members of the Old Rich sneer at them for retaining some traits of the lower classes. Most social privileges come with fine clothes and grooming, and disappear with them, too.)

If you like that cartoon, you can find links to more at Toby Morris - Contributor - The Wireless. The  recent work is stronger than the older work, which is how you want it to be, but they're all worth the minute or two they'll take to read, which is also how you want it to be.

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