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Did Spokane's NAACP head commit hoax hate crimes?

Rachel Dolezal is accused of lying about her race, but since race is a social construct, that only interests me as a student of the history of race--I figure people can identify as any race they choose. What interests me is what other writers don't mention in their headlines: did she lie about hate crimes? From Questions raised about race of Spokane NAACP head | The Seattle Times:
Spokane police files on Dolezal’s report that she received a hate mail package and other mailings in late February and March were released. Police records say the initial package Dolezal reported receiving did not bear a date stamp or bar code, which Dolezal herself told police when she reported it. Investigators interviewed postal workers, who said it was either very unlikely or impossible that the package could have been processed through the post office, and that the only other alternative was that it had been put there by someone with a key.

However, several other pieces of mail sent in the same handwriting and style, and with the writer identifying himself in the same way as “War Pig (Ret.),” have been received by Dolezal, the Spokane Valley Police Department and The Spokesman-Review. Those other letters were date-stamped and postmarked from Oakland, California.

It was not clear from the reports, released through a public records request Wednesday, if the police investigation into the letter has concluded or was ongoing. Dolezal said Wednesday she believes it has reached an end, at least for the time being.

“They’re not going any further. … I didn’t hear the word closed, but I did hear there’s nothing more they can do at this time,” she said.

Dolezal said she received a key to the post office box when she became president of the NAACP earlier this year. Asked about the possibility that she had put the package there herself, she asked, “What mother would terrorize her own children?”

She said she was not questioned about that possibility by police, and was bothered by initial media reports about the package. “Nobody’s ever come out and said (they suspect me) directly, but I am bothered by the subtle implication,” she said.

Neumaier said he was suspicious of several incidents Dolezal reported in Coeur d’Alene, including her discovery of a swastika on the door of the Human Rights Education Institute when the organization’s security camera was “mysteriously turned off.”

“None of them passed the smell test,” he said.

He said that after Dolezal left the institute and he saw her gaining prominence in Spokane – becoming head of the NAACP, chairman of the police ombudsman oversight commission, teaching at Eastern Washington University, and speaking frequently in public on racism and justice issues – that he became worried that there might be “blowback” for the institute for not doing a better job of vetting her.

Part of Neumaier’s job on the board is to look at complaints of human rights violations and help victims take action and seek justice.

“In all of these incidents (she reported in Coeur d’Alene), she was the sole witness to events that, when put under scrutiny, don’t hold up,” he said.

Dolezal has made many reports of harassment and other crimes to police. None have resulted in arrests or charges – but neither have any included direct claims that she fabricated them. In some cases, such as a report that a noose was left on her porch in Spokane, there were other witnesses.
Just to be clear, there are witnesses to the presence of a noose, but that doesn't mean Dolezal didn't put it there. See Lesbian couple pleads guilty to faking hate crime | FOX31 Denver.


How "Black" NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Was Outted As A White Woman - BuzzFeed News: "In documents reviewed by BuzzFeed News, police describe incidents in 2009 in which Dolezal’s house was reportedly broken into and in which she found a noose on her porch. However, police documents note that Dolezal’s landlord told investigators he may have left the rope on the property a year earlier when he hung up a deer."

Rachel Dolezal Once Told A Student She Did Not Look Hispanic Enough For A Class Activity - BuzzFeed News

ETA 2: Did Rachel Dolezal plagiarize art work?

From Jenner to Dolezal: One Trans Good, the Other Not So Much by Adolph Reed Jr.

ETA 3: Rachel Dolezal's Father Talks About Her Evangelical Christian Upbringing: "Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal, both residents of Troy, Montana, have been advocates for social justice in their own way. They practice Young Earth Creationism, a fundamentalist branch of Christianity that takes the Bible’s stories about the beginning of the world quite literally. Young Earth Creationists believe that God created the world in six consecutive 24-hour days, that humans and dinosaurs once walked together and that the Earth is only about 6,000 years old. To Young Earth Creationists, the great flood described in the Bible isn’t just poetry -- it's historical fact."

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