Thursday, June 25, 2015

Two examples of the unexpected consequences of banning (pornography and swastika)

History Lesson: what happened when Canada enacted a feminist anti-porn law? | A Glasgow Sex Worker:
Within the first two and a half years after the Butler decision, well over half of all Canadian feminist bookstores had had materials confiscated or detained by customs.
Swastika (banned in Germany):
A controversy was stirred by the decision of several police departments to begin inquiries against anti-fascists. In late 2005 police raided the offices of the punk rock label and mail order store "Nix Gut Records" and confiscated merchandise depicting crossed-out swastikas and fists smashing swastikas. In 2006 the Stade police department started an inquiry against anti-fascist youths using a placard depicting a person dumping a swastika into a trashcan. The placard was displayed in opposition to the campaign of right-wing nationalist parties for local elections.

ETA: For anyone who doesn't know the history of the swastika before the Nazis appropriated it: Swastika - Wikipedia

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