Friday, July 3, 2015

Best comment on Bernie Sanders and the Sheepdog Theory

Something two or three of you might find funny. Or infuriating. And the rest will go "Huh?", which may be best, but I'll give a short preface to try to explain this anyway:

US socialists can currently be divided into two camps, those who support Bernie Sanders and those who fear he's a "sheepdog" whose job is to get socialists to vote for Ms. Clinton after Sanders loses the nomination. I am in the first group. I have never seen any evidence to support the sheepdog theory, and I'm suspicious of it because I'll vote for another socialist if, as is most likely, the Dems push Sanders out.

Just now, I came across this comment on a Facebook post which I am passing along to both of the people who might appreciate it:

Julien Noah Devereux said, "Can't let Bernie sheepdog America's several dozen socialists into the Democratic Party when they would otherwise be starting the revolution. That's just common sense."

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