Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Facebook needs to fire a lot of Asians to become racially proportionate?

I keep running into people who're obsessed with racial proportionality at the bottom of the economic pile who ignore it at the top, where, as groups, Jewish, Asian, and Hindu Americans are more economically privileged than ethnically Christian white Americans. This is especially noticeable at internet tech companies. Remembering that Asian Americans are 5.6% of the US's population:

Status update: Facebook not so diverse:
Nearly 70% of Facebook employees are men and 57% are white. Asians make up 34% of employees.

But Hispanics represent just 4% and African Americans are just 2% of Facebook's workforce.

When it comes to technical employees, the numbers are even more grim. Eighty-five percent are male, 53% white and 41% Asian. Hispanics make up just 3% and African Americans just 1% of the workforce.

At the top of the company, the statistics are no better. Seventy-seven percent of senior level employees are men, 74% are white and 19% are Asian. Hispanics account for 4% and African Americans for 2% of employees in high level positions.
While the gender balance is not equal, Facebook's white employees are actually under-represented overall in a country where 62% of the population is non-Hispanic white. It's a shame those statistics don't include a breakdown for Jews (2% of the US population) or Hindus (.4% of the US population).

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