Friday, July 17, 2015

How I would script doctor Ant-Man

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Warning: Here be spoilers.

Note: As a script doctor, my fixes are purely about the script. So while I would've cast a black or Hispanic guy as Ant-Man, that's not part of the job here.

Minor fixes:

1. Cut the Russian and the black comic-relief sidekicks.

2. Give the Hispanic sidekick some serious, competent moments so he deserves to be the hero's buddy.

3. Make both the hero and the sidekick want to go straight after prison, so the hero has to convince the sidekick to help pull the heist.

Major fix:

4. In the third act, when the bad guy is getting away with the Yellowjacket suit, Hope van Dyne should start to go after them, and her father realizes it's time to do the right thing: he reveals the Wasp costume, and together, Ant-man and the Wasp defeat Yellowjacket.

ETA: Regarding #4, this wouldn't just let us have some female superhero buttkicking, it would do two emotional things: it would establish that Hank Pym no longer thinks Scott Lang is expendable, and it would show that he realizes he has to let people he loves make their own decisions about danger.

ETA 2: Regarding #3, this would do two things:

1. There's currently the implication that only middle-class white men want to go straight after prison.

2. Our hero's story arc would be greater if he was more willing to take shortcuts at the beginning of the movie—it's the same reason why Han Solo should shoot first.

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