Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dear internet, can anyone get in touch with Charles R. Saunders?

We're hoping to republish his Liavek story, "Ishu's Gift", in the fourth Liavek ebook, but we haven't been able to reach him with the online contacts we have or at the online sites we've found. So I'm making a public post in the hope he or a friend will notice. If we don't hear from him in time for #4, we'll just leave his story out and hope to include it in a later volume—fortunately, it can fit anywhere in the chronology. But we'd really like to republish it with his blessing.

He may be keeping his regular email address private, so if you think you have it, don't reply in the comments here. My email is shetterly at gmail.

ETA: I did try to contact him through his web site, Charles Saunders Writer, but I may've goofed up or run into some sort of glitch.

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