Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dear Sigrid Ellis (and Mikki Kendall)

I just read Evil or stupid, which are you? and left these comments:
  1. When I am the subject of the conversation, I reserve the right to respond. Just as I am responding now.
    Yes, writers who do not care about politics should stay silent. Indeed, writers who only care about sales should stay silent. I’m in neither camp.
    Out of curiosity, do you know where Mikki Kendall accounted for the money that people gave her to start Verb Noire? She says she has, but is strangely silent about where. All I know is that over $10,000 was raised, and it bought Kendall and her partner some computers, a trip or two to conventions, and one ebook with an awful cover. If she had asked for help, I and many of the people she attacked would’ve been glad to assist her.
  2. Oh, and since we’re talking about fannish behavior, did you condemn the doxxing and death threats of Zathlazip, or did you take part in the doxxing, or were you silent? I confess, there were too many doxxers for me to notice all of them; the only person I remember objecting was Pyratejenni, but I might’ve missed some people.
When I returned to the post, I saw my comments had been deleted, and you'd added this:
This isn’t a conversation with the evil or the stupid. You’re all spammed, because I have better things to do with my time. Go have the conversation on your own blogs, AS I DID HERE WITH MINE.
If you vanity-Google yourself, or have alerts for your name, may your life choices bring you all the joy you have earned.
I have noticed that y'all are not interested in conversation, probably because conversation runs the risk of bringing up facts that do not fit your ideology. When you don't have facts, the only effective option you have is to rage, a common way of coping with the contradictions in your belief system and making ignorant onlookers think that if you're upset, there must be some validity to your upset. The second point is a standard tactic: I just this morning read I get Paid to Chat on Reddit, which notes,
There’s even a script for when the other commenter is winning the argument. We’re told specifically to derail the discussion, throw mud, and in the end, accuse the commenter of being a conspiracy theorist/tinfoil hat wearer. That way, anyone reading the discussion will see those negative points as being associated with weird people.
Ah, well. Go in peace.

To those who think I am breaking my promise in Confessions of a Scarred and Broken Man, or If I Blog Again about Fandom’s Social Justice Warriors, Kill Me: Perhaps I am, but I'd meant that I would not pay attention to the squabbles they get into that don't involve me. When I'm misrepresented, I will speak up, even though I know that people who live in black and white worlds cannot see shades of gray. This is another case where Adolph Reed's observation in The limits of anti-racism applies:
Yes, racism exists, as a conceptual condensation of practices and ideas that reproduce, or seek to reproduce, hierarchy along lines defined by race. Apostles of antiracism frequently can’t hear this sort of statement, because in their exceedingly simplistic version of the nexus of race and injustice there can be only the Manichean dichotomy of those who admit racism’s existence and those who deny it.
Social justice fandom, I beg you. Just ignore me, and I will gladly treat you with the same courtesy.

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ETA: Do identitarian liberals care that their approach leaves people of color disproportionately poor?

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