Friday, August 14, 2015

Mini-review: The Almighty Johnsons

The Almighty Johnsons was a New Zealand TV show about four brothers who are reincarnated Norse gods. With a tiny budget, a talented cast, and a clever writing team, they made a show Emma and I wish had continued, but are content with the way it ended.

A few spoiler-free warnings:

Because they had no budget for the first two seasons and the show is often funny, it looks like a sit-com, which can make the darker elements surprising.

One of the brothers is a creep. This seems to be ignored at first, but the writers are very aware he's a creep.

The style of the third season changes, both visually and tonally—it looks better and plays darker. That made me worry; I didn't like the first few episodes. Then it settles down. My only major complaint with the ending is they used cheesy special effects in a crucial scene where, with a little thought, they could've used none and it would've been more satisfying.

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