Thursday, August 6, 2015

Surprising fact: Blacks in the South are more satisfied with their lives than blacks elsewhere

I've been rereading Blacks See Growing Values Gap Between Poor and Middle Class (pdf), a Pew Report from 2007 that I think gets too little attention for its implications, I spotted something that's irrelevant to my current concerns, but still interesting:
In general, blacks who live in southern states are more
satisfied with their lives than are blacks who live in
other regions. Seven-in-ten blacks in the South say
they are very satisfied with their lives, compared with
smaller majorities in the Northeast (55%), the West
(57%), and the Midwest (58%). In fact, the South is
the only region where blacks and whites do not
express significantly different outlooks on life -- 72%
of southern whites say they are very satisfied, as do a
similar share of whites in other regions.

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