Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another casualty in the Social Justice Wars: zamii070

I don't have the heart to blog this, so here are some links if you want to follow the story. I just hope she continues to get the help she needs.

I heard about it from a friend who shared this: I know most of you guys are gamers, so this might have flown under your radar.…

Zamii's tumblr: Pizza time fun times

At least one of the creators of Steven Universe tweeted in support of her: Zamii070 Harassment Controversy | Know Your Meme:

Some examples of the harassment she got: I pulled together a bunch of posts that show what exactly led up to the suicide attempt of tumblr artist Zamii070. What's saddest for me is that like many people who are mobbed, she tried to conform, but her conformance was found wanting.

I am reminded that a Lord of the Flies update could be told with Tumblr instead of a desert island. And I'll note once again that nearly all of the worst things done by humans are done by people who are sure they're fighting the good fight.