Saturday, November 7, 2015

No Beulah today, two Beulahs tomorrow, and a bit about Insensitive Highly Sensitive People (IHSPs)

Since I haven't decided what "one Beulah" is, I'm not sure that you'll be able to tell that you're getting two installments tomorrow, but you are.

A friend shared Highly sensitive people: a condition rarely understood. It looks like HSPs are a thing now, at least on the internet. My feelings, as usual, are mixed. At the friend's page, I said,
I'm wondering if HSPs are more or less likely to be abusive. My guess is the introverts would be less likely and the extroverts, more. I may need to do a little more reading about what Zeff calls the "insensitive highly sensitive person".
Then I added,
My apologies for bringing up an ugly image, but I'm now wondering how many people who have done the worst things were artists or exhibited other symptoms of being HSPs. Yes, Godwin's Law applies here. I confess I'm sure, knowing humans, that some people will decide they are HSPs and therefore superior, while at best it only means they (or we, because I recognize those symptoms too) are different.
I'm developing a theory that the angry people the internet calls SJWs are a subset of insensitive highly sensitive persons. There may be something about privilege that creates IHSPs—the most self-obsessed people I know are rich people who surround themselves with beauty and would rather donate to the arts than to the poor. Of those, the ones who talk of injustice talk in terms of identity, which protects them from the possibility their privilege is a problem.

Now, I'm not denying that I may be among the IHSPs. I'm just not sure what my subset is.

Thinking about Insensitive Highly Sensitive People inspired me to google for art by the one of the worst of them. If the best of 25 Rarely Seen Artworks Painted By Adolf Hitler are actually by Hitler (apparently, there are forgeries out there), he wasn't a bad painter. It's a shame he gave it up.

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