Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Yes, Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breivik were Christian terrorists

From Is Anders Breivik a 'Christian' terrorist?:

Anders Breivik: "I consider myself to be 100 percent Christian."

From An Accurate Look at Timothy McVeigh's Beliefs:
McVeigh: I was raised Catholic. I was confirmed Catholic (received the sacrament of confirmation). Through my military years, I sort of lost touch with the religion. I never really picked it up, however I do maintain core beliefs. 
Time: Do you believe in God? 
McVeigh: I do believe in a God, yes. But that's as far as I want to discuss. If I get too detailed on some things that are personal like that, it gives people an easier way [to] alienate themselves from me and that's all they are looking for now.
What were the personal things he thought would alienate people from him? The big clue: "Timothy McVeigh had photocopies of a portion of "The Turner Diaries" with him when he was arrested. McVeigh also sold copies of the book at gun shows around the country." What are The Turner Diaries? "The chief guidebook for Christian Identity eschatology."


Breivik's Christianity by Martin E. Marty: "Q: What do the following have in common? Anders Behring Breivik, killer of scores of innocents in Norway; assassins Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK) and Sirhan Sirhan (RFK); serial killers: Dennis Rader (Kansas, murdered 10); Charles Starkweather (Nebraska, 11); Jeffrey Dahmer (Wisconsin, 17); and Dylan Kiebold (Columbine, CO, 13).

Answer: they were all Lutheran Christians."

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