Monday, January 18, 2016

Today we remember America's greatest socialist, Martin Luther King

I love to quote this:

“Call it democracy, or call it democratic socialism, but there must be a better distribution of wealth within this country for all of God’s children.” -Martin Luther King

Today I came across this, which is much more blunt:

“If America does not use her vast resources of wealth to end poverty and make it possible for all of God’s children to have the basic necessities of life, she too will go to hell.” Speech at Bishop Charles Mason Temple of the Church of God in Christ in support of the Memphis sanitation workers’ strike

I have sometimes said things like "Hey Conservatives! Stop Trying to Appropriate Martin Luther King", but the complaint should be issued as "Hey Capitalists!" because in the 1950s, the Republicans were much better on civil rights than the Democrats, and today, support for King's final solution to poverty, Universal Basic Income, can be found across the political spectrum.

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