Saturday, February 6, 2016

How identitarianism erases the class war in the Democratic Party (and in general)

Pundits love to talk about the differences between Sanders and Clinton supporters in terms of age, race, and gender, but Corey Robin clarifies the uniting difference in On Electability:
Not only did the voters in 2008 cast their ballot for a black man—something many right-thinking people were sure was not possible in the United States (remember the Bradley Effect?)—but now, to an increasing and unanticipated degree, they are casting their ballots for a self-declared socialist from Brooklyn. And not only is it not the limousine liberal set that’s voting in this unexpected way, as was the case during the 2008 primaries when wealthier Democrats backed Obama and poorer Democrats voted for Clinton. This time around, Clinton’s main base of support seems to be coming from the upper-income brackets of the party, while lower-income voters are flocking to Sanders.

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