Friday, March 4, 2016

A very short definition of "identitarian", a note about Sheepdog Theory and Bernie Sanders, and misc.

Comments I've made elsewhere:

Identitarian: someone who prioritizes social identity. For example, a Clinton supporter who says what's most important is that a woman win, even though that person claims to prefer Bernie Sanders' political positions.
I don't believe in sheepdog theory. I think lesser-evilists will vote for the lesser evil, and the rest of us [socialists who support Sanders] will vote for 3rd party candidates or stay home.

I expect Bernie will keep his word and support Clinton so long as she gets the nomination under circumstances that seem fair. But that's not sheepdogging. That's the deal you make when you ask a party to support you while you try to win its nomination. What will be more interesting to me is whether he will criticize her while he supports her in order to keep pushing her leftward. My strong suspicion is he will.
The nice thing about being a socialist is some things become very simple: work is work, no matter what the law or moralists think of it.