Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hillary's biggest problem is she's now The Man; Bernie needs to keep speaking truth to her power

I left this comment at Facebook:
Clinton is strongest when she's dealing with empty identitarian rhetoric. Sanders is strongest when he's pounding the class issues that unite us against the oligarchy. He doesn't need the black bourgeoisie and probably can't win them--they allied with the white bourgeoisie before slavery ended. He needs the black working class, and they understand that there's no social equality where there's no economic equality.
I've been thinking about equality and feminism and how Hillary is replacing Obama as the face of the establishment. When I was young, we used to talk regularly about The Man, because the ultimate power was male and usually white. People haven't been using that term much. I suspect they began to see its weakness when Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Reagan began meeting as equals to plan new horrible things to do to their poorest citizens.