Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Yes, Amanda Marcotte, Captain America is a libertarian—a left-libertarian

Nothing is as clickbaity as an article that's infuriating for one audience and choir-preaching for another. Amanda Marcotte has once again done both in Captain America’s a douchey libertarian now: Why did Marvel have to ruin Steve Rogers? Here's what I said in a Facebook discussion about whether the movie has an idiot plot:
I suspect I bought the emotional conflict because the fundamental argument is important to me: do we submit to authoritarianism when it's well-intended? A great many people on the left and right say yes. Amanda Marcotte wrote a stupid piece saying this movie made Captain America a libertarian and was upset because she thinks the only libertarians are right-libertarians, but Cap, given when and where he grew up, is at least a Roosevelt Democrat and may be a red—he's very much a left-libertarian. Whether Tony Stark is a neoliberal or a Republican doesn't matter—they're going to clash when the government says to jump.

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