Thursday, June 30, 2016

Why are Clinton supporters more racist and more aggressive than Sanders supporters?

I am always fascinated by the ways belief and reality diverge. This year, Clinton supporters promoted the "Bernie Bro" narrative about Sanders supporters in the same way that in 2008, they promoted the racist "Obama Boys": WOW. Before the "Bernie Bro," Clinton supporters created the "Obama boy." No, seriously.

But the reality is that "Bernie Bros" are, probably like the "Obama Boys" before them, less racist and less aggressive than the Clinton fans:

Hillary Clinton fans are more aggressive online than Bernie Sanders voters, one poll shows

Reuters: Hillary Clinton supporters are pretty racist, too.

That article about racist supporters left out information about Sanders fans, but it was revealed on Twitter:
So, why are Clinton supporters more racist and more aggressive? People like to point to the age gap between Clinton and Sanders fans, which obscures a gap that matters more:

A Key Divide Between Clinton and Sanders Supporters: Income

So, really, do I now have to explain that rich people tend to be more racist and more aggressive? Privilege is always arrogant.

ETA: Here Are America’s Most Pro-Clinton and Pro-Sanders Zip Codes

ETA 2: And now we have a graph:

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