Thursday, July 28, 2016

Eddie Glaude's impromptu definition of neoliberalism is pretty solid

From Michael Eric Dyson vs. Eddie Glaude on Race, Hillary Clinton and the Legacy of Obama's Presidency | Democracy Now!:
Well, a neoliberal economic philosophy involves a kind of understanding that the notion of the public good is kind of undermined by a basic market logic that turns us all into entrepreneurs, where competition and rivalry define who we are, where the state’s principal function—right?—is to secure the efficient functioning of the economy and the defense, and creating the market conditions whereby you and I can pursue our own self-interest. And part of what that does, if we only read it as an economic philosophy and not understand it as a kind of political rationale producing particular kinds of subjects, who are selfish, who are self-interested, who are always in competition with one another, then we lose sight of how neoliberalism attacks the political imagination.
You may think that's just a definition of liberalism, but historically liberals tried to balance public and private enterprise. Education's a fine example: liberals believed in good public schools, while neoliberals promote charter schools and organizations like Teach For America that undercut public education.