Saturday, July 16, 2016

How does privilege theory explain what I just saw?

About ten minutes ago:

I'm waiting on my bicycle at the corner of Hiawatha and 35th. In the middle of the street is a young white man with a cardboard sign—I can't read it from where I am, but it's undoubtedly a variation on "Homeless. Please help." Maybe he's a vet—many homeless men and women served in the military before the US's leaders abandoned them.

A pristine SUV stops beside him. The driver appears to be a Somali woman—she's dark-skinned and wearing a scarf, and this neighborhood has many Somali-Americans. She hands him what looks like a cup of coffee or juice, then gives him a folded bill that's clearly US currency—whether it's $1 or $20, I can't tell—then drives away.

How does privilege theory explain this?