Friday, July 29, 2016

Three fascinating facts about gender and apologies

Just read Sorry, but it’s complicated | language: a feminist guide This is more interesting than I expected it to be. Three essential bits for me:

1. "Some studies have found women apologizing more than men, but others have found no difference."

2. In a test of gender and class, gender matters, but class trumps gender: "the most effective apology was by a male manager, followed by a female manager, a male subordinate and finally a female subordinate."

3. Women apologize far more to each other: "More than half of all the apologies in the New Zealand data—55%—were cases of women apologising to other women. Apologies from women to men accounted for about 18% of cases, apologies from men to women for about 17%, and apologies from men to other men for just 8.5%."