Sunday, August 21, 2016

How do SJWs resolve their contradictions about Swedish rape statistics?

After writing Debunking the myth of an immigrant/Muslim rape crisis in Sweden—and one of its promoters, Ingrid Carlqvis, I realized someone (not me!) could write about the contradictory claims SJWs make regarding Swedish statistics and laws:

1. They're misleading: Sweden is not suffering from a Muslim rape crisis.
2. They're accurate: they prove we live in a rape culture, and Julian Assange must be guilty because two women went together to the police, who took the charge seriously.

To be clear, I think the statistics are useful when they're broken down further than they are by the people who believe Sweden's suffering from a rape crisis, and I believe all charges of sexual abuse should be treated seriously so long as everyone remembers the importance of the presumption of innocence.

Alas, both of those positions call for understanding that the world is complex. The greatest failure of the internet's SJWs is their desire to divide us all into the saved and the damned.