Monday, August 22, 2016

Liavek 5 is now available! Four stories and four songs for only $2.99!

"An Act of Mercy" by Megan Lindholm (Robin Hobb) and Steven Brust
''The World in the Rock" by Kara Dalkey
"Baker's Dozen" by Bradley Denton
"Green Is the Color" by John M. Ford

Bonus! Four songs:

"City of Luck" by Jane Yolen
"The Ballad of the Quick Levars" by Jane Yolen
"Eel Island Shoals" by John M. Ford
"Pot-boil Blues" by John M. Ford

"Liavek is a place worth visiting. Get there before another volume comes out." —VOYA

Currently available at: - Liavek 5: Wizard's Row

Barnes & Noble - Liavek 5: Wizard's Row

Smashwords - Liavek 5: Wizard's Row