Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I was in a surprisingly enjoyable discussion about religion and race

In my experience, many and maybe most Americans hate to talk about class and love to talk about race. When they do, discussions about class tend to stay pleasant while discussions about race quickly turn angry if there's any disagreement. That may be because most Americans think they're middle class and are aware the concept's vague while most Americans are sure of their race and have a strong opinion about what that means. Or maybe it's because almost all of us believe racism is evil, but we still have different opinions of what's racist, ranging from the right and left forms of identitarianism to the universalism of radical socialists and religious people.

So while I'm always willing to discuss race, what people may not realize is I'm also always wary. I expect disagreement to quickly turn vicious, and I'm very glad when it doesn't. This was one of the good talks: A discussion at Facebook with John Michael Colón. The link is to the post; the discussion starts with the second comment.

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