Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Peasant Diet, Day 2, Update: Jaipur Vegetables, dark chocolate, and wine

For dinner, I fried the rest of the boiled potatoes from yesterday, then dumped in a bag of Trader Joe's Jaipur Vegetables (one of my favorite convenience foods) with a can of tuna, a quarter cup of raisins, and a quarter cup of cashews. That was divided with Emma. We each had a glass of red wine, then split a haystack (dark chocolate and coconut) from The Candy Jar, our great neighborhood candy shop which has the best caramel apples every fall.

The following numbers are guesses for the potatoes and the haystack, but they should be a reasonable reflection of the calories I consumed:

1 red wine125
jaipur veg85
1/8 cup raisins54
1/8 cup cashews85
dark chocolate 30g152

So the total for the day is about 1400 calories. Before I go to sleep, I'll probably have a glass of skim milk for another 100 calories or so, and since I seem to be well under the target of 2000 calories, I might even have a Pecan Sandy cookie for another 85 calories.

Here's to living wild!

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