Friday, October 21, 2016

Peasant Diet, Day 3: the more complex the diet, the more you have to count calories

I'm still in the calorie-counting phase, which may be a necessary first step to creating a modern version of a peasant diet. Today's surprise was learning margarine is more caloric than I'd thought. On average, it's the same as butter, 102 calories for a tablespoon.

An advantage of calorie counting is the peasant got to eat half a pizza today. And I haven't figured out how a fun-size Snickers fits under the Peasant Diet. Maybe this is a game, and staying under your goal lets the peasant steal a treat from the lord.

The pizza was one of my favorite prepared food hacks: I chopped up a third of a bag of frozen asparagus and spread it on a Trader Joe's Pizza Margherita, then sprinkled that liberally with garlic powder and pepper. Mmm. The extra ingredients call for an extra minute or two in the oven.

How I did today:

soup & bread250
apple juice120
1 fun snickers80
1 red wine125
1/2 pizza550
skim milk90
1 slice bread79
dab peanut butter40
skim milk90
That's 1669 calories. All's good.

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