Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Potato Hacking, Day 1, Update 1: No, let's make it an International Peasant Diet

I began feeling a bit light-headed. That could come from the reduction in calories or from not drinking enough or from a spike in carbs due to only eating potatoes. My goal is to come up with a diet that acknowledges the reality of CICO ("calories in, calories out") and the need for balanced meals but is easy and satisfying. Light-headedness isn't part of that, so for lunch, I had a fried egg (90 calories) and salsa (less than 10 calories) with my potatoes.

I was tempted to officially switch from an Irish Peasant Diet to a Mexican Peasant Diet, but I'm now thinking about making this a Peasant Diet that draws on all the world's cuisines.

ETA: Had a mid-afternoon carrot. 25 calories.

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