Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Potato Hacking, Day 1, Update 2: it's definitely the Peasant Diet

Now I know why the official potato hack calls for not exercising during the potatoes-only phase. I was feeling light-headed again before my Zumba class, so I had a fun-size Snickers, 11 peanuts, and the last of the plain yogurt in the fridge, prob'ly a quarter cup. When I got home, I decided I was going to eat like a peasant whose family had caught a fish and grew more things than potatoes.

Emma's away now. When she gets back, I'll either have a beer (154 calories) or a glass of wine (123 calories). Tomorrow, the peasant will start the day with oatmeal with an apple cooked in it.

 Here's today's calorie count (UPDATED):

1.7 lbs Potatoes589.9
1 egg90
1 carrot25
1 fun snickers80
1/4 cup plain yogurt40
11 peanuts121
2 fish filets200
1 zucchini33
1 red wine125
1 slice bread79
tiny  bit of peanut butter40

That doesn't include a tiny bit of oil in the skillet for the egg and the filets, and a little skim milk in coffee, so I'll guess there's another 100 calories there.

According to Healthy Weight Calculator, to Lose or Maintain Weight, to lose weight, I need to consume fewer than 1972 calories, so I'm happy with the way I've hacked the potato hack.

Don't worry that this is turning into a diet blog. I'm going to record what I eat for three more days, and then food posts will probably become rare.

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