Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thoughts after learning a fan killed herself because she feared she would lose her health care

I just found out that a fan of our work killed herself yesterday. She had depression and she was concerned about her health care.
I will take a moment before I continue.
Emma and I are concerned about our health care. She has type 1 diabetes. I hate to think what would happen if we lost our health care through the state of Minnesota.
But while there are many reasons to be worried about President Trump, health care could turn out well. From
Speaking at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January, Trump said ObamaCare is a catastrophe that must be repealed and replaced. In 2011, Trump suggested that the health insurance industry have more ability to cross state lines. In "The America We Deserve" Trump wrote that he supported universal healthcare and a system that would mirror Canada's government-run healthcare service.
No, this does not mean you shouldn't be concerned. You should be ready to fight for what matters. The first thing is to join the ACLU if you haven't, because they are always on the frontlines of protecting our rights. The second is to start learning how to strengthen the institutions that your state currently has for low-income people. Then do what you can to support an organization that's working to promote universal health care for everyone.
The first fight for universal health care has already been won: the polls show most Americans want it. It's much of the reason Sanders' popularity cut across party lines. Now we have to make our politicians give it to us.
And if you're depressed, talk to a friend. Talk to a suicide-prevention organization. I won't say there are always reasons to keep living because I believe we should have the right to die when we're ready, but I will say there usually are good reasons to keep going another day, and you need to remember that not seeing them now doesn't mean you won't see them later.

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