Monday, November 14, 2016

Why am I surprised that Cory Doctorow, Laurie Penny, and Patrick Neilsen Hayden are demonizing the working class?

I just saw People who voted for Trump knew their shot at the elites was fired through the guts of their neighbors / Boing Boing. Cory Doctorow approves of Laurie Penny's elitist sentiment in a post that he found thanks to Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

I suppose I'm disappointed because I thought they were too smart to believe the reason the Rust Belt voted for a black president in 2008 and 2012, and for a Jewish socialist in this year's primaries, but not for a rich white neoliberal in this year's election, is racism. I'm not sure whether they believe the black Rust Belters who stayed home or voted for Trump are also racist.

As a palate cleanser, I recommend Juan Cole's Why the White Working Class Rebelled: Neoliberalism is Killing Them (Literally) and Connor Kilpatrick's This Didn’t Have to Happen.

ETA: understanding the election—the best links I've found

A reminder for Clinton fans that the polls were right all along

ETA 2: The identitarian left othering white workers is as evil as the identitarian right othering people of color, women, Muslims, and GLBTQ folk.

ETA 3: Three Myths About Clinton's Defeat in Election 2016 Debunked | naked capitalism:
White voters cared even less in 2016 then in 2012, when they also didn’t care; most of that apathy came from white Republicans compared to white Democrats, who dropped off a little less. Voters of color, in contrast, continued to care – but their care levels dropped even more, by 8 points (compared to the 6 point drop-off among white voters). Incredibly, that drop was driven entirely by a 9 point drop among Democratic voters of color which left Democrats with only slim majority 51% support; Republicans, meanwhile, actually gained support among people of color.
ETA 4: It’s Class, Stupid, Not Race:
During the Presidential campaign of 1988, the Reverend Jesse Jackson was asked, “How you are going to get the support of the white steelworker?” He replied: “By making him aware he has more in common with the black steel workers by being a worker, than with the boss by being white.”
For people who don't get how that applies to this election, the Clinton camp ignored both black and white workers in the rust belt, and as a result, her support fell with both black and white workers.

ETA 5: Fairfax County, USA | Jacobin: "Hillary Clinton won rich suburbs in record numbers. But her campaign failed to mobilize workers of all races."

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