Friday, January 6, 2017

quick take on Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom

Emma and I are big fans of Sorkin's Sports Night and The West Wing. Our politics became more radical than Sorkin's, which may be why we stopped following his work. Or not. A friend said she loved The Newsroom, so we decided to catch it on Amazon.

We liked it a lot. Sorkin's politics are still a sweetly naive version of liberalism in which the only problem with capitalism is that some rich people don't behave well, but the politics are mostly an excuse for characters to say clever things, which they did. It has an excellent cast and plenty of good bits.

I will now say a few things vaguely to avoid being spoilery.

The three seasons come to a satisfying conclusion, but not a perfect one. I feel like Sorkin ended one character's storyline in a lazy way, and the final episode, which has many flashbacks to things that happened shortly before the pilot, is not all it should be. There's an episode of Firefly that I love which does something similar, but what it revealed about the past of Firefly's characters were big things we couldn't expect. What the final episode of The Newsroom reveals are minor mysteries that didn't need to be resolved.

I give the show an A-, and give the final episode a B.

I'd happily watch a sequel that told us what these characters are doing now.

And I'd probably love a half-hour sitcom featuring Sloan and Don.

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