Thursday, January 5, 2017

Will no one confront the growing toddler threat?

On Facebook, I shared With 2016 over, a toddler has now shot a person every week in the US for two years straight and said,
I blame toddler ideology. We have always been at war with toddlerism, but toddlerism is still winning.
Handy Zee noted,
If you run the numbers on percent of toddlers in the general population against toddlers in prison, you can easily make some assumptions about sentencing bias in this country. There are currently no toddlers on death row in any state. Not one.
Relevant: Toddlers Killed More Americans than Terrorists in 2015.

Note: I'm not offering this to say we should ban guns or that we need looser gun laws to defend ourselves from toddlers. Like most Americans, I believe guns should be sensibly regulated rather than banned.

And if you own a gun, keep it in a safe or use a trigger lock and hide it.

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