Monday, September 4, 2017

The Hypocrisy of Privilege Theory

The intersectionality crowd is a cult, and cults are more concerned about having people adopt their beliefs than they are about changing the world. The reason for that is cultists think the only way to change the world is to get everyone to adopt their beliefs. Then something will happen to change the world, but they never say what.

The protesters who changed this country could tell you their goals:

Give all men the vote.

Give women the vote.

Give us an 8-hour work day.

End legal segregation.

End the Vietnam War.

Today, socialists can tell you their goal: share the wealth.

Ethical capitalists can also tell you their goal: share enough of the wealth to end poverty with Basic Income.

Yet when those of us who prioritize class talk about class-based solutions, the intersectionalists say, "How will that end racism and sexism?" When you ask them what they would do to end racism or sexism, some of them will roll their eyes in exasperation because they believe you just don't get it in the same way that a Christian knows sinners just don't get it. The rest of them realize they have to be able to offer something that sounds like a solution, so they will suggest a vague idea like reparations. When you ask them how to implement something like that today and why other poor people shouldn't be helped also, those intersectionalists will then give you the eye roll. The point is not having a solution. The point is believing a solution will come someday, so these economically privileged believers in privilege theory can enjoy their own economic privilege today.

They are like Robert E. Lee, who knew slavery was wrong and believed it should and would end someday, but had no interest in ending it in his time. The belief that slavery was wrong comforted him. It told him he was a good person in an unjust system because he knew the system was unjust, and he knew the ways he benefited from it were wrong, and knowing this was all he needed to do to sleep well while others suffered.

Here ends the sermon. Happy Labor Day!

ETA: Intersectionalists often suggest that people who prioritize class are class reductionists. I love this response to them:

"If any class-reductionist leftists actually exist they would still be 100 times more helpful to black people than neoliberals." —Leslie Lee III

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