Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dear readers who are disappointed that I'm a democratic socialist who believes in free speech, civility, and the presumption of innocence

I periodically get angry messages from people who say they loved my novels and hate that I oppose identitarianism, censorship, and mobbing.

Okay, they don't use those words. Here's the most recent example. On Twitter, Chorizo Oh No! (who identifies as "DOTA 2 player, feminist, non-binary habitual ne'er-do-well and raconteur" sent me this:
It's really depressing when you find out that someone who made art that carried you through some of the darkest times of your young life is so blinkered that they engage in ridiculous victim-blaming antifeminist rhetoric like you do. It's taken me over a year just to build up to

searching for you on Twitter, at least in part because I was hoping that your views had broadened and developed some the horrific secondhand accounts I read back then. Will, you've actively broken my heart. Kill your heroes, kids - they're all monsters in the end.
I've identified as a feminist since I learned the word in the 1960s, so I don't know what "victim-blaming antifeminist rhetoric" refers to. I suspect it means I criticize rushing to judgment and have often said a better motto than "believe the victim" is "take all charges seriously." I stopped "believing the victim" in the 1980s when the Tawana Brawley rape allegations made it clear that if you accept the folk definition that "feminism is the radical belief that women are people", you have to assume women, like men, sometimes make mistakes or lie.

I suspect the people who thought Elsewhere and Dogland were only about race and gender are like the people who cite Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and miss their criticism of capitalism. Socialists have always been at the front of the struggles for other rights—it's significant that Charles Fourier, who coined the word "feminism", and W.E.B. Du Bois, who first wrote about "white skin privilege", were socialists.

Some of my readers are disappointed by me, but I'm disappointed by them. They dream of a pure class system in which the rulers and the ruled look alike. I dream of a world without masters.


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