Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Three men falsely accused after Weinstein's fall: Sam Seder, Matt Taibbi, Mark Ames

In times of moral panic—which often begin with a valid concern—the worst people exploit the panic to attack their opponents, knowing guilt will be assumed by everyone caught up in the panic.

At least three men have been falsely charged. The Destruction of Matt Taibbi focuses on one but provides background for the others. Perhaps the most outrageous fact:
Despite how widespread the story was, not a single journalist or editor contacted the women named in the controversial passages.
Every journalist and editor who shared the story should be fired.

Sam Seder was lucky enough to be exonerated soon after being fired because his accusation was built on fluff*, but had there not been a moral panic, sane people would've looked into the fluff before firing him.

* I wanted to write "obvious fluff", but nothing is obvious to panicking people.


MSNBC Reverses Decision to Fire Contributor Sam Seder


About Those Exile Smears… - By Mark Ames

ETA: Kathy Lally Was Caught Trying To Censor Journalism In Russia And Now Deceitfully Claims She’s A Victim - By Mark Ames - The eXiled

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