Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cities should shovel sidewalks—some do

You might think drivers and pedestrians have equal rights to free travel, but in Minneapolis, the city shovels streets and leaves sidewalks to property-owners. The result is that sidewalks are often challenging for the able-bodied and impassible for people with wheelchairs or strollers.

If the city took on the job, that would change—and the cost to taxpayers would be barely noticeable. As noted in Down shovels: the city should clear the sidewalks -
Sidewalk plowing appears to be one of the great bargains of municipal governance. Winnipeg, for example, manages to keep its sidewalks free from snow and ice for $2 million a year, or less than $7 per household. Try finding a teenager willing to shovel your driveway just once for $7, let alone a whole season.