Saturday, February 17, 2018

On the public domain Superman, plus a free Fleischer Superman for Poser and DAZ

Max Fleischer made Superman fly—literally. Before his Superman cartoons, Superman was limited to running faster than a speeding locomotive and leaping tall buildings with a single bound. But animating a jumping character requires a lot of drawings, so Fleischer chose to make him fly, and the comic books imitated him.

After the cartoon rights reverted, DC Comics failed to renew the copyright. The Fleischer cartoons are now in the public domain, which is why many companies sell them on VHS and DVD.

But Superman’s trademarks are still owned by DC Comics. If you try to use the Fleischer Superman commercially, DC’s lawyers will use trademark law to come after you.

And the only person who can defeat a superhero is a lawyer.

The Superman suit for Poser and DAZ's Michael 4: Uzilite Super Hero.

My Fleischer variation at ShareCG: Superman - Fleischer - for free Uzilite M4 Suit. And at Renderosity: Superman - Fleischer - for free Uzilite M4 Suit.

Credit for the Max Fleischer Superman logo that I used: MachSabre on DeviantArt.



Superman, Superdad, and the Limits of a Trademark Parody Defense |


  1. trademark is my curiosity, it deals with not confusing the consumer more than ownership? if the fleischer cartoons are public domain shouldnt i be able to use fleischer superman in a derivative if i can pass the trademark hurdles?

  2. DC has complicated things by using their own version of the Fleischer design. I think you should be able to use the character so long as he's not on the cover where he would be seen as a sales tool. But I'm not a lawyer, and I'm sure DC would fight anything they saw as weakening their control of their property.

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