Thursday, June 28, 2018

A few words about Harlan Ellison

I shared this on Facebook and Twitter:
What we should learn from our heroes:

1. Anyone can be great who refuses to conform.

2. Anyone who refuses to conform will be hated and loved.

3. Our flaws only make our accomplishments greater.

RIP, Harlan Ellison.
But I'll add a bit more here:

Cory Doctorow has a nicely personal write-up that omits two things that should be included when weighing his flaws and virtues:

He was so committed to civil rights that he was part of the Selma March:

He was so committed to the Equal Rights Amendment that when Arizona refused to ratify it and he had already accepted the Guest of Honor spot at a World Con in Phoenix, he went to extraordinary lengths to prevent the state from making a penny off his presence: Fancyclopedia 3: Gary Farber's Iguanacon Reminiscence.

I can't say I knew Harlan, but I'll never forget that one of my childhood heroes drove Emma and me home from the airport once. He drove like he lived: fearlessly.

ETA: What Harlan Ellison's haters won't tell you about the Connie Willis groping incident