Friday, July 27, 2018

You may use the contraction "y'all" if—

Nice people who are not Southerners sometimes want to use "y'all" and fear they can't because they're not Southerners. As someone who was born in South Carolina and raised in northern Florida, I hereby give you permission to use the contraction under these conditions:

1. You only use it as a second person plural.

2. You put the apostrophe where it belongs.

3. You don't use it to mock Southerners. Mocking Southerners for the way they speak is more than rude. It points out that you have awkward ways to say what Southerners can say simply. Isn't that so, you guys?


Y'all - Wikipedia

you guys - Wiktionary

ETA: I don't remember anyone using "all y'all" in northern Florida, so I won't take a position on it, but if you're starting with y'all, probably best to leave "all y'all" to the masters. 

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