Monday, December 31, 2018

On the end of 2018, taking a week off from social media, and false urgency

I think it's as funny as anyone does that I announce web breaks, then return as soon as the mood passes, which is why it surprises me that taking the last week off hasn't been hard. I rather like knowing comments are piling up on Twitter and Facebook. I'll be sad if any of them involve opportunities that have passed, but that's not how social media usually works. It's all about false urgency.

As I get older, I find myself missing two things that frustrated me when I was young, the mail only coming once a day and Sunday being a day with few things to do. I don't know that either made us better people, but they might've made us a little saner. Whether you think humans are the creation of God or nature. these things are true: we like having time to be lazy, and if we're under stress for too long, we break.

I am pleased with 2018, though I continue to wish the Democrats had paid attention to the polls and gone with the candidate who would've done better against Trump. There are two good things about him: he hasn't been as warlike as Hillary the Hawk would've been, and he makes the brutal crass nature of capitalism more obvious than she would have. Offhand, I can't think of a third.

I am especially pleased that the class-first movement is growing. Ten years ago, Adolph Reed, Walter Benn Michaels, and Kenan Malik were almost alone in their willingness to criticize identitarianism. Now there are bright younger mainstream writers like Matt and Elizabeth Bruenig and Briahna Joy Gray carrying on the fight to make a fair world.

As for my immediate world, I continue to be grateful to my family and friends, and especially to Emma, who is the best of both.

My love to you all!

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