Thursday, March 21, 2019

Anna K’s observaton applies to Racefail 09 (aka RaceReductionistFail 09)

Anna Khachiyan wrote on Instagram:
The problem with allowing identity politics to overtake class politics is not just that progressive iconography has come to stand in for actual progress, but also that the mandate to honor the “subjectivity” of one’s “oppression” means that we are routinely held hostage by mental illness and personality disorder masquerading as a messianic fervor for social justice.
This especially applies to Racefail 09: perhaps the first person who attacked a white writer’s work and was then supported by the identitarians was a woman who admitted she had mental issues.

Now, I think the main problem with her critique was she hadn’t finished the book that she attacked—context matters—but her bad reading was reinforced by her mental problems, which was then validated by her “allies”.

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