Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Four hard questions for people who want reparations for slavery

1. How do you justify giving money to poor black people while ignoring 3/4 of the people in poverty?

2. How does a person prove they're ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery)? The historical records are incomplete, especially for people who were freed before the Civil War.

3. Does the one-drop rule apply? If so, a great many white people will be having DNA tests to see if they can get free money.

4. Do the descendants of rich black slaveowners like William Ellison get reparations?

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What Americans Think About Reparations And Other Race-Related Questions | FiveThirtyEight. Reparations are unpopular with every group except for black Americans, and even a large minority of black people reject the idea.


  1. How should their reparations compare to the reparations Native Americans should get?

    1. Poor people are poor for different historical reasons, but they're all poor. Give them all Basic Income.

    2. Without anybody needing to qualify. Just do it.