Friday, November 29, 2019

The New Deal wasn't inherently racist; it started the black voter shift to the Democrats

See the “Mythologizing the New Deal” section of What Black Life Actually Looks Like by Cedric Johnson


African Americans and the New Deal: A Look Back in History

ETA: The New Deal Wasn’t Intrinsically Racist | The New Republic
whites were 74 percent of all the domestic and agricultural workers excluded from Social Security at its outset. That is, three white workers were excluded for every nonwhite worker—a distribution suggesting that the point of the exclusions was not simply to suppress African Americans. Several categories of workers that were very predominantly white—for example, seamen in the merchant marine, self-employed individuals, workers in the nonprofit sector, professionals—also were excluded from coverage. Altogether, three-fourths of the 20 million American workers who were excluded from early Social Security coverage were white.

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