Monday, September 16, 2019

A little on the cancellation of James Tiptree

(I am adding new things to the end of this post today, and may add more as the discussion continues online.)

What I've said on social media:


James Tiptree, like HP Lovecraft, has been canceled.

Tiptree Name Will Be Removed from Award | File 770


I also support this theory about Tiptree and her husband.

A great female writer has been canceled because of her last tragic days.


I keep thinking about what's wrong with cancelling James Tiptree. I understand why her husband might want to die. I am fine with the idea of Emma killing me at such a time. I would only hope she would hide the evidence and go on to live a wonderful life.

Should they rename the Tiptree Award, too? / Boing Boing


Say what you will about 1984, it explains the authoritarian left's love of memory holes.


Neoliberals and socialists take very different views of #JamesTiptree/Alice Sheldon taking part in what seems to have been a suicide pact. Neoliberals blame individuals, so they blame her. Socialists blame society for not supporting people when they most need it.


When someone quibbled about her work for the government, I answered
That has nothing to do with the fact that she was a brilliant short story writer, and the award that bore her name had nothing to do with politics until its name was changed for political reasons.

I hate making artists' lives more important than their art.


  1. So, Lovecraft and now it seems both Campbell and Tiptree? Remeber when erasing individuals from history was thought to be barbaric? I guess we are all Stalinists now, as the saying goes.

  2. Is there any barrier to some other group simply adopting the name and granting an award?

  3. Not that I can think of. But I’d be surprised if anyone stepped up. The field is saturated in awards, I suspect.